The Netricity® program addresses the need for long range powerline networking for outside-the-home, smart meter-to-grid, and industrial control applications.

The Netricity program promotes the adoption of products built on the new IEEE 1901.2 Low-Frequency Narrow-Band powerline communications standard, which provides for urban and long distance communications and propagation through transformers of the distribution network using frequencies below 500 kHz. The technology also addresses requirements that assure communication privacy and secure networks.

Netricity product applications include:

  • Utility grid modernization

  • Distribution automation

  • Meter-to-Grid connectivity

  • Micro-grids

  • Grid sensor communications

  • Load control

  • Demand response

  • Net metering

  • Street Lighting control

  • Photovoltaic panel monitoring

Example Netricity applications

The IEEE 1901.2 standard builds on field-proven OFDM technologies, as already used within IEEE 1901, 4G/LTE, and IEEE 802.11. It is an evolution of existing narrowband OFDM powerline communications specifications, which have already been deployed by some of the world's largest energy providers including ERDF and IBERDROLA for Smart Meter to the Grid.

With the enhanced coexistence mechanisms of 1901.2, deployments of the technology will not disrupt legacy installations of other narrowband powerline communications technology. The standard enables Netricity products to deliver a new benchmark of performance and reliability with support for Internet Protocol (IPv6) standard communications.

Netricity: Enabling IPv6 Smart Grid solutions with reliable and future-proof powerline communications technology

As the certification and marketing program for the 1901.2 standard, the Netricity program will leverage industry expertise in testing and certifying powerline networking products. Additionally, the adoption of Netricity products will be promoted to foster an ecosystem served by multiple technology vendors. Customers such as utilities and energy companies will benefit from having a broad interoperable product portfolio to choose from.

Netricity PLC complements and coexists with other powerline networking standards such as HomePlug.